More generally referred to as the Broads Trust

Mission Statement

The Norfolk and Suffolk Broads Charitable Trust helps Broads based bodies by providing fund raising support and promoting improvements for people who live in, work in and visit this unique wetland

Latest News

Love the Broads

Together with local businesses, we have launched a new initiative called 'Love the Broads' that will provide a way for our visitors to make small financial contributions towards protecting this timeless, tranquil landscape.  The Broads Trust will be managing the campaign along with Broads Tourism and the Trust will be responsible for distributing the funds to appropriate beneficiaries.

  Each year the money will go towards a host of projects to include:

  • Improving access and visitor interpretation
  • Caring for our rich biodiversity 
  • Providing conservation education for the next generation

Play your part in protecting this precious landscape.

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Love the Broads - Enjoy, Give, Protect